What is a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS/EAM)?

CMMS stands for Computerized Maintenance Management System and is sometimes referred to as Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), It is computer software designed to simplify maintenance management and optimize the maintenance process.

CMMS or EAM is used to easily keep a centralized record of all assets such as space, equipment, fleet and others type of asset that maintenance teams are responsible for, as well as schedule and track maintenance activities and keep a detailed record of the work they’ve performed.

The evolution of the CMMS or EAM to a cloud-based, multi-site solution has made it easier than ever for any maintenance team to harness the power of digital transformation.


Do you Know?
  • Measure maintenance performance: A CMMS makes it easy to do preventive maintenance, which means there are fewer surprise breakdowns and work outages. Allowing you to make better business decisions.
  • Better accountability: Work order tracking makes it possible to quickly see if a technician did their work on time and get alerted when a task is complete.
  • Less overtime: Better scheduling means that your team isn’t sitting idle or working overtime, which means work can be distributed evenly.
  • Information capture: Technicians can record problems and solutions, so this information is captured for others to use.
  • Savings on purchases: Inventory planning features give you the time to shop around for spare parts pricing, instead of having to buy in a hurry.
  • Certification and analysis: A full record of assets and performance helps managers analyze energy usage and plan maintenance spend.


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Evantage CMMS Modules & Features

Enterprise Asset Management

Asset Management allows the Information for each assets, space, equipment item, services or project to be records and tracked.

Work Order Management

Work Management give you to the capability to create and track work such as reason for failure, cause of the incident and action taken. .

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive cater for single and group assets, Maintenance frequency can be setup by calendar days, meter usage or combination of both.

QR/Barcode Code Management

Print QR code of asset, inventory parts, scan any asset for a full maintenance & repair history, or any inventory part for a stock take.

Spare Parts Management

Manage Inventory effectively, it Keeps track of usage of inventory, quantities, locations, part numbers, descriptions and suppliers

Procurement Management

Procurement Management allows to capture task such request and purchase orders, Supplier and evaluation of it’s performance

Key Performance Indicator & Reporting

Reporting puts maintenance data into analytics and insights, Allowing the user to zoom and examine the cause or other related items.

CMMS Mobile Application

Manage maintenance tasks & Asset Tagging in the field with an easy-to-use mobile maintenance app without any further delay on information.

Our Implementation Experience


Evantage CMMS Software is a valuable tool that can help facility managers effectively execute an asset management strategy.


Evantage CMMS Software helps manufacturers in malaysia and around the world run their operations smoothly.


Evantage CMMS tracking of Maintenance & Repair (M&R) activity in port to ensure minimum downtime to assets.

Water Treatment

Evantage CMMS allows water treatment plants to plan effective preventive maintenance on equipment, grounds and entire facilities

Power Plant

Evantage CMMS System can aid power plant maintenance scheduling to improve performance and minimize outages, reducing MTTR and increasing MTBF.


Evantage CMMS allow fleet maintenance company optimize the performance of the assets and your return on investment, analysis the breakdown and prevent it.